It’s been another busy year for us at DC, bringing over, as well as supporting some worldly recognised musical talent, as well as working with some other solid promoters, both locally and nationally!

We finish off the year at one of our favourite Sunday parties, MVMNT, where they welcome the lovely Juliet Fox to their cute lil courtyard for a day and night of hedonistic vibes….throw in some fancy dress antics and we have the perfect place to party just before we all over indulge at Christmas!

Starting off 2019 with a serious bang, we find ourselves at the Daylité Open Air gig which is taking over the entire Court Complex! Spread over 4 areas, we will enjoy some sunshine sounds with Made In Paris, Human Movement, Satoshie Tomiie and man of the moment, Mall Grab! Plus a heap of well known local heroes from around the traps of P-Town.

Mid way through January we then have the pleasure of joining the team over at Michael Douglas Music, who are doing great things in the city, with their slick blend of music, art and fashion…..always guaranteed a great party with these guys!

Then, in February, we will be at the stupendous Babylon Festival over East…..working again with our friends over at Hardware, it is an absolute privilege to be asked to fly the flag for Perth over at this monumental event….the line up speaks for itself really.

All the event details for the events listed above can be found over on Facebook.

Got another big cat to let out the bag…..but we’ll keep that to ourselves for now.

Have a very merry Christmas and New Year from all of us at DC!

love and respect,